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Super Junior’s Siwon Is Gay

I’m just making this post to let you know the real image of Super Junior’s Siwon and the real fact that he is gay.

Let us start with him being a kleptomaniac.

On the January 28th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Quiz that Changed the World‘, Brian Joo revealed many events that had occurred at his own house. Known for usually being an expert in house decor, Brian stimulated everyone’s curiosity when he spoke on this day’s episode.

He said: “I don’t have friends who make a mess when they come visit my house. Instead of making a mess, I have a friend who steals things.“

He continued, “That friend is Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. He steals clothes, hats, and accessories that I get from foreign countries. He just goes into my walk-in closet, tries on my hats, and leaves without asking.“

See that?

Would a great Christian follower do that kind of thing?

But, let’s get on the hottest topic: Choi Siwon is GAY.

Check out the pictures below.

See how he forcefully makes Kyuhyun kiss him? That was so annoying and this guy was really something.

Those now are some of his picture with co-member Eunhyuk.

Well, does it seems they are having some affair? or maybe they are doing things at night that goes in the word “dirty”?

No man would do something like this especially if he is really a true man.

Well, here’s more.

The ugly truth came that Siwon is actually in a relationship with Super Junior’s Heechul. It seems that this two can’t get enough of each other as they kissed sensually even though they are having a concert!

Check out the screencaps below!

So what do you think?

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